Man is by nature a social animal. We love to share our emotions, get to know each others interests and opinions and always want to be connected with our loved ones. Social networks provide an answer to that need of connectivity.

There are social networks for every type of networking requirement. Facebook helps us to discover, like, share content, and always be in touch with our friends on a virtual environment. Instagram focuses on sharing photographs, Linkedin offers a way to connect with professionals in your industry, learn new skills and find jobs. Twitter offers a great platform to share your thoughts with the world in just 160 characters. Google+ brings the power search, discoverability and community management. The list goes on and on.

Here are some facts to consider: The average Indian consumer spends 4.5 hours online per day using some form of internet connected device: Mobile / Tablet / PC /Laptop etc. Their time spent on traditional media such as Tv, Newspaper, Magazines & Radio is shrinking.

And the major part of their “online time” is spent on social media websites.

For a marketer, the number 1 rule in advertising is: “Going where your prospects go!”

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