Google Search  Advertising

Google Partner Network advertising


Google advertising is by far the largest and most popular advertising platform for the world wide web. There are two simple type of Google advertisements. Google search advertisements and Google partner network advertisements.

Google search advertising works by matching the “search keywords” with advertisements of companies that offer similar products or services. Ads can be targeted based on the user location, time, preferences and the search keywords used.



In the case of google partner network advertising, the advertisements are served based on the visitors “context” and the “content relevancy” of the partner website. Ads are displayed as and when the content of the website and the user interest matches. Some major ad publishers include, news websites, blogs, entertainment websites, forums, and magazines.

Why advertise online:



Benefits of Online Advertising


  1. Advertise when they are searching for your product / services
  2. Advertise to the right target audience
  3. Reach your potential clients locally and globally
  4. Get real time feedback on ad performance and ROI