Trust me, I am an Online Marketer and I don’t want your email address…[Well may be sometimes I do 🙂 ]. Hey, if you give it willingly, why should I say no.

Capturing a potential clients’ email address is a huge thing in marketing. Its like scoring two goals in the first ten minutes of the game. The trick is to get their emails by offering proper value in return. Of course we marketers are good at spinning wonderful stories and make sure you want to give yours.


Not just online marketers [who are the good guys most of the time], Hackers [the bad guys] use it too. Lets say, you leave your personal email on a questionable website that in turn sells your personal emails to marketers and hackers.

Having a users email address could reveal enough information for the hackers and help them hack your account in minutes.

Here is an example scenario: Hacker gets your email address, does a search in [An amazing website to do deep search on someone] and finds your social profiles. They have your name + email address + social profiles.

Now, the only thing that stand between you and your hacker trying to break into your email inbox are these security questions you answered while creating your email address: “What is your mothers maiden name”, “What is your favourite pets name”, “Who is your childhood hero”. Answers to all the above questions are there in your facebook, instagram and various other social profiles for everyone to see. There is a good chance that you might have taken a photograph with your mom and posted it on facebook. And your favourite pet in instagram. The favourite hero part is the most interesting one, most people who have this “favourite” affiliation use their heroes face as facebook profile picture. This and a password combination of your birth date+123456 are a childs play my friend.

One good solution I have been consciously using is this: Disposable Email Address


These disposable emails solve a major pain. They offer a temporary inbox that keeps emails from ten minutes to 24 hours. Be it a coupon code, a gaming website, a downloadable report, a software trial, these temporary emails always come to the rescue.